Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Melbourne Antique Show!

I got free tickets to the Melbourne Antiques show in Carlton Gardens for this weekend, and  while I know this isn't directly related to sewing, I do love vintage clothing!

My mum and I went to the Ballarat Antique in March and they had the most amazing array of clothes there. In fact, there were a lot more clothes this year than any other year we had previously been. I bought a beautiful lambs wool cardigan circa 1950s, which is lined and hand beaded. I also got the business card for a warehouse that sells directly to the retailers, although I haven't managed to save up enough and find time to go out there. I am guessing that I will need at least a whole Saturday to spend looking at all the amazing clothes. Poor Trev! A whole day of 'What do you think of this?'!

There was a lot of other beautiful clothes at the Ballarat Antique Show and I left with full intentions of going on a diet so I had more chance of fitting into the clothes. Unfortunately, with Easter less than a month after, that was not very realistic! Especially with the ridiculous amount of chocolate that we received (see below)! We are literally still eating it! 

I am still looking forward to the show as some of the same vendors will be at this show as the Ballarat Antique Fair, in particular Online Antiques, whom I bought my gorgeous cardi off! They have some super cute dresses for sale at the moment, which are VERY reasonably priced given the price of dresses that are crappy material and just plain badly made that are being sold at the moment.

Above is one of the items I would love! It's an 1940s/1950s Cotton Pique Sundress. Really regretting my decision to eat all that chocolate, those hot cross buns and mum's awesome homemade biscuits!! If only it was possible to drop a dress size in the next two days! Sigh.

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