Saturday, 5 May 2012

Another obsession...Hats!!

For people who know me quite well, they will know that I have another obsession. One that makes my husband drive 20 kms in another direction to avoid a particular shop.

Whenever I go into a shop, it is essential that I try on every decent looking hat in the store (and usually the weird ones as well just for fun)! This tends to frustrate Trev, and as mentioned, he always tries to avoid going through Highton so that there is no excuse to go into one of my favourite shops in Geelong, Ruby and Leo. Ruby and Leo is a store that sells mostly hats and other vintage pieces, including gloves, bags, walking sticks/canes and jewelry among other things.

Generally, my excuse to go into Ruby and Leo is to see if they have new stock. Now, a normal person would think that it would be ok to go in and just look at the new stock. Trev has learnt the hard way that even if there is new stock, it is still essential that I try on every hat in the store so that I can accurately determine which is the best one. Normally I manage to restrain myself from buying anything. So even though I probably won't buy anything, I still consider the 20-30 minutes well spent. Trev on the other hand does not. In fact, not only does he not find it enjoyable, but I am quite sure he is bored by the whole process. Unfortunately for him, I value his opinion and require an opinion on every item tried on. Now I know that he will probably say 'that looks good' to everything, but I can hear if he actually likes something by the change in the tone of his voice. Sometimes, I even manage to get him excited about an item.

Last night, I came across a website that sold cloche hats. I adore cloche hats. They are just so freaking cute! So after spending the night googling cloche hats and surfing eBay, I thought this morning would be a good time for a visit to Ruby and Leo on my way back from Spotlight. Trev gave me permission and even came in with me! It was exciting for three reasons:

1. They had lots of new stock, including adorable gloves
2. It was the Ruby and Leo's first birthday and

3. I bought a hat! How cute is it?!

When I first tried it on it was a big to big to justify buying it. When I asked about another size, the sales girl (whose mum owns the shop and makes various some of the hats and the fascinators) showed me the inside and it's adjustable! How clever is that?

During my googling, I also found a tutorial on Youtube for a wire headband. I really loved the idea of it so I got some fun prints (with the intention of making some for my sisters, as we all have long hair and are constantly stealing each other headbands) and raided the garden shed for the wire. Below was my first effort.

I am happy with it, although I think that I will make it slightly narrower on the next try. 

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