Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Victoria and Albert Museam

Clicking through websites today (during my lunch-break of course!) and I came across this site Fashion -Victoria and Albert Museum, which is so interesting that I really wanted to share it! It is a museum in  Cromwell road in London that has some truly amazing content on its website, some (if not all) of which were actual exhibitions at some stage in the museum.

This particular part of the V&A site is all about fashion and it has everything from a history of fashion through the centuries (19th century, 20th century) to ethical fashion and fashion drawings. If you are interested in having a look around the site, I recommend either doing it when you have time (a single lunch break is not enough time!) or adding it to your favourites so you can keep coming back to it to read all the amazing articles.

Would love to visit the V&A if ever given the chance!!

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