Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Finished Project!

Hooray! I have finally finished a project, despite my over locker issues, cutting this skirt the wrong way and sewing a section of it upside down (don't judge me, I was very tired that night)!

I only have two photos because Trev took a quite a few photos and somehow he managed to make me look like a dwarf. All skirt, torso and no legs or really blurry. The man has a talent for taking terrible photos. This was the best of about 25 photos ( I kid you not). The photo below is the skirt on the dress form. There really wasn't two good photos.

Anyway, I mostly completed this skirt in my sewing class on Monday nights. I am quite happy with how it has turned out, in the end, although it seems to have taken me quite a few hours. I would like to think its because I took my time and did a really good job (fixing up all my errors). Of course, my sewing teacher, Maree, would never let someone leave her class with a project that that looks shoddy! It is allowed to have a little 'character' (read small mistakes that can be covered so that they are not too noticeable), but no shoddiness allowed.

I was all ready to wear my skirt on Saturday, with some warm black tights, and  when I put it on realised that the underskirt was marginally, but noticeably, longer than the over skirt. As tempted as I was to leave it and pretend that no one would notice or simply fold it up and re machine over the top, I decided that this would be lazy and I unpicked it all and re hemmed it. I told my sewing classmates and teacher about the hem and much to my disappointment, the general consensus was to fold it up and  machine. All that blasted unpicking (that took me longer to do than the actual hemming) for nothing! At least I can say that the hem was done properly I suppose. Will try and wear my first finished creation to my next work casual day.

New Skills

Skills learnt included gathering, pinning and sewing even gathers. Putting in an invisible zipper, which was easier than I thought it would be, and hand sewing the inside of the bottom of the yoke!

The hardest part was definitely the gathering and pining it so the gathers were even. I think it's going to take a few skirts to master that particular skill.

The Facts

Fabric: Blue dots with flowers on a white background $10 from Spotlight, white cotton poplin for the underskirt $1 from Joy's Fabric Warehouse
Pattern: Kwik Sew- not sure which one
Notions: 7″ zip $1.40, hook and eye 20 cents
Time to complete: 4 sewing classes (with lots of chatting time)
First worn: Just for pictures so far.
Wear again? At first opportunity!
Total Price:  $12.60

Not bad! I would definitely spend $15 on a skirt, especially one as cute as this!

Next sewing project has been started and is even more technical! Pattern matching, fitting a bodice, lining a bodice... Fun times ahead!

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  1. Bridget that's fantastic!! Let's see more of your creations!