Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sewing obsessed!

So this is my first blog, and I will admit that I am nervous about having a blog. No offence to anyone that has one, but the thought of blogs makes me think of people that are completely self obsessed. I know it sounds harsh and it is completely ridiculous considering I LOVE reading other people's sewing blogs and seeing their projects.

I have decided to start a blog to take pity on my facebook friends, who have all been subject to my sewing obsessed statuses and photos. As the only thing I have really made so far is pyjamas, I am sure everyone is completely sick of seeing those!

The extent of my sewing experience to date is some basic sewing with my mum (with me conning her to do all the hard stuff by not 'understanding' when she tried to show me something- I promise I will start doing it myself so that I can learn!) and a class with Maree Pigdon (who is an absolutely amazing teacher and taught me how to sew pyjamas) and a few sewing lessons with Geelong Sewing centre. Now that I have a taste for it, I have been visiting Joy's Fabric Warehouse and falling in love with various fabrics and buying a ridiculous amount with no idea what I am going to use it for.

Just this morning, I saw a gorgeous crushed blue taffeta and was loving stroking it and deciding if I really should get it and asking my husband what he thought. He wasn't very helpful with 'yep its nice'. So I left it and wandered down the aisle only to spot the perfect emerald green taffeta at a more than reasonable price and decided I must have it. I am very sure that the guy selling me the material thought I was crazy when I repeatedly stated how much I loved the colour and how beautiful it was. Now to find the perfect dress pattern!

So the extent of my obsession is that I have bought several patterns (mostly from op shops as I love the vintage patterns), my favourite being vogue 8280, and a lot of material, two online courses from Craftsy and sewing lessons with Maree. I also have been reading all these amazing blogs and am quite jealous of all the talented sewers out there! I can't wait to start posting pictures of my own finished projects that are not pyjamas!

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